Concert de l’Ensemble Vocal à Saint Louis en l’Ile

dimanche 2 novembre 2014
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PROGRAMME EVP + ADELAIDE Samedi 17 janvier 2015 à 15h

Chœur de la Cathédrale St Peter d’Adelaide.

William BYRD (1540-1623) : Ave verum corpus
Jonathan DOVE (né 1959) : The Three Kings
Joseph TWIST (né 1959) : How shall we sing in a strange land ?
William WALTON (1902-1983) : What cheer !

Organ solo - Diderick BUXTEHUDE (1637-1707) : Prelude and Fugue in E major BuxWV141
(Alana BROOK)

Charles Villiers STANFORD (1852-1896) : Beati quorum via
Stephen LEEK (né 1986) : Kondalilla

Chœur de la Cathédrale St Peter d’Adelaide avec l’Ensemble Vocal de Pontoise

Anton BRUCKNER (1824-1896) : Locus iste
Herbert HOWELLS (1892-1983) : Here is the little door

Organ solo - J S BACH (1685-1750) : Canzona BWV 588
(Alexander PAINE)

Ensemble Vocal de Pontoise
Peter WARLOCK (1894-1930) : Benedicamus Domino
Bethlehem Down
Giovanni Pierluigi da PALESTRINA (1525-1594) : Missa O magnum mysterium –
Sanctus, Benedictus, Agnus Dei
Gustav HOLST (1874-1934) : Tomorrow shall be my dancing day

Chœur de la Cathédrale St Peter d’Adelaide avec l’Ensemble Vocal de Pontoise
PALESTRINA : Motet O magnum mysterium - Quem vidistis pastores
William HARRIS (1883-1973) : Faire is the Heaven

Adelaide Cathedral Choir

Direction : Leonie HEMPTON

Ensemble Vocal de Pontoise

Direction : Graham O’REILLY

The Three Kings Jonathan Dove
The text is by the English poet and novelist Dorothy L Sayers.
It achieves a surprising emotional power and mystery by portraying the youngest king, the nearest to childhood, as the saddest, bringing a gift of myrrh which anticipates Christ’s passion and death ; it is the oldest king, nearest to the grave, who brings the golden toys.
Dove has captured this surprise in the music – the first two verses are simple and ballad like, while the third verse suddenly opens up like a treasure chest of winking gold.

How shall we sing in a strange land ? Joseph Twist
Is set to the evocative text of Oodgeroo Nurucal’s A song of hope and combines with part of Psalm 137 How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land ?
A strong sense of optimism is created through the rhythmic urgency juxtaposed with the peacefulness of sacred and secular text which in itself looks across the centuries and civilisations through the use of Latin and English text.
It was commissioned by the National Youth Choir of Australia and first performed in 2012.

Kondalilla Stephen Leek
Kondalilla is the name of a waterfall in a small remaining pocket of rainforest in South East Queensland, Australia.
In the indigeneous Dreamtime Stories of the area, Kondalilla is the spirit of the waterfall and Ouyen is the spirit of the still water.

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